Hendershot Generator

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One of the most unforgettable moments in the late 1920s is moment when Charles Lindbergh, a young aviator, attempted to fly from New York to Paris across the Atlantic without any radios, fuel gauges for the gas tanks, and most importantly, armed only with sufficient fuel supply. After hours of agony and anguish, he finally arrived in Paris safely. This event has been a great breakthrough both in the world of aviation and fuel generation. A lot of people remember Lindbergh for such an amazing miracle, but only a few noticed the person behind it. The real person who made the event possible is no other than Lester Hendershot.

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What is Hendershot Generator?

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The secret behind the 1927 event is the Hendershot Generator developed by Lester Hendershot. The Hendershot Generator is a motor which allows the engine to run for several hours without fuel. It produces unlimited amount of energy from the rotary function of the Earth’s magnetic fields.

The Earth is known to produce billions of volts of electricity. With the use of the Hendershot Generator, the electricity naturally produced by the Earth is converted into useful energy and does not go into waste.

A lot of people did not really understand how the generator worked but Hendershot explained that it worked through the same force that makes a compass arrow move. By attaching the generator into the engine, the energy flows in the opposite direction through the winding magnet. This revolution is opposite to the way how the Earth revolves.

Knowing Hendershot as the “junkyard inventor”, you can also manufacture your very own Hendershot generator with the right junk materials. But doing it on your own may not be that easy and you may need the help of professional engineers and scientists for the development of your own generator.

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Who is it for?

Electric supply is a daily need of every human being. Although it is readily available, such material is expensive. The Hendershot generator is a machine which can help you have an unlimited amount of electric supply. It is best for all individuals who need electricity, whether in small or large quantities.

Every person can be benefited by using the Hendershot generator. You no longer need to buy expensive oil or coal for fuel or purchase electricity from big electric supply companies.


The use of Hendershot generator in the modern world where there is lack of electricity and fuel supply is quite advantageous. Here are some of the advantages of having a Hendershot generator:

-Unlimited supply of electricity for use at home or office and fuel for your car or airplane

-Electricity and fuel available anytime, anywhere

-No need to pay for expensive electricity and fuel for daily consumption

-Tried and tested generator since 1927

-Lighter weight compared to gas engines


Although quite beneficial, the Hendershot generator has some drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of Hendershot generator:

-Its exact mechanism is not yet fully discovered

-It is not easy for an average individual to make the generator himself

The verdict

The Hendershot generator is among the greatest discoveries of the 20th century which can be very useful in the current time. With the problems on shortages of electricity supply, having a Hendershot generator of your own will surely be a good decision.

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